• Ryan Wills

Brand Detectives are rare

“It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important” - Sherlock Holmes. The words of arguably the greatest detective, who did not specialise in solving any and every case but was called upon to solve those which could not be cracked. He was different, he was efficient, he was rare and indeed he was no ordinary man. Some might say a Brand Detective is similar in nature but has one up on Sherlock, in that Brand Detectives actually exist.

Whilst no daring crimes are being solved and injustices to society put to rest, the Brand Detective still plays an integral role in the every day life of companies both internally and externally. Gone are the days when brands could solely focus on its external customers and neglect its internal operations. We live in an era where today’s job candidates are unlike any which employers have encountered previously. The focus has shifted beyond the traditional compensation package and now sees employees seeking to identify with the company’s core values and its level of authenticity. It for these reasons that a compelling brand is ever more important for companies to not only secure future business but also attract and retain employees.

With this in mind the Brand Detective’s goal is to connect the organization and ensure the symmetry and seamless operation from mission statement to final sale. They dive beneath the surface to help brands solve their biggest mysteries, asking questions like why do you exist, how do your employees feel about the environment of business and what strategies are currently in place to help you achieve your why?

These questions and more are why Brand Detectives are rare and so good at their job because any strategy suggested is based on concrete research and evidence. Similar to the great Sherlock Holmes who once said “I never guess. It is a shocking habit,—destructive to the logical faculty.” With several years experience in the industry my company Orinje Nation understands your brand does not need another plaster fix.

Your brand deserves attention to detail, progressive solutions and a company that believes in and is committed to your desire for success.