• Ryan Wills

You are a Business, You are a Brand

Social media has become a tool of personal branding. Nowadays it is all about oozing value and the question must be asked, what do people see when they look at you? What is the thought that crosses their mind when your name is mentioned? What do they associate you with? If you have no answer, then you need to go back to the drawing board because how you are perceived, is how you will be addressed.

Branding the millennial way

Companies have accepted the fact that traditional marketing is not working with the millennial generation. This is a generation that is influenced by none other than the internet. Millennials trust websites and they trust social media sites. Status, excitement, adventure and even luxury are at the top of the list. This is a generation that connects with brands at a personal and emotional level. They are a brand and the brand is who they are. It is therefore not a surprise that they are willing to pay more in order to own a brand because that brand speaks of who they are and what they believe in.

We all love brands

People love brands. Brands give us confidence. When we buy something from a trusted seller we have confidence that we are getting the best. When people associate with you, they have confidence that they are dealing with the best. Everyone wants a person that has all the brand qualities. They want someone who is loyal, someone they can have confidence in and someone who is a symbol of social acceptance.

People who became brands thanks to social media

Susan Boyle performed “I dreamed a dream” during Britain’s Got Talent. The video went viral on YouTube. At the time she was jobless but after the video on YouTube, advertising and recording deals had earned her more than $8 million. She became a household name.Alex Lee became famous by accident. A girl took his photo and shared it with another. The chain ended to the point celebrities shared his photo. He got to appear on the Ellen Show and has done some movies and music videos.

What is the common lesson here? Anybody, anywhere can become a brand and become pretty good at it. So how exactly do you stopping being you and become the brand new type of you?

Tips on becoming a brand

A brand is a force to be reckoned with. You and your business are the same thing. You need the right tools to make your brand visible.

The first tool is your image. A good headshot can speak volumes on your website or social media page. An active social media page is a must. Interact with people on a real level. Don’t just post greetings. Post real life experiences, motivate and inspire. This means that you should be vulnerable too. Let people know your failures, the lessons you learnt and how you got back on your feet. You are making a presence in people’s lives and with that you have carved your niche.

Find out what makes you unique. Is it your smile, your style your walk or talk? Utilize that uniqueness.

Lastly, be a credible person. Be the person that helps and adds value to people’s lives. They will trust you and in turn follow you.

You are your own product. The friends and the job you have are as a result of how you branded yourself. If there is any change that you desire, start seeing yourself as a business.